Monday, January 26, 2004

Sincerity To The Max

I was reading the paper today (a rare occurrence) and I saw that ABS-CBN was coming up with a new show entitled To the Max. I’m not sure I understood the concept, being the semiliterate person that I am, but I do know that it is a reality based show where the contestants are yayas or maids. They’re supposed to compete by completing some series of tasks (conjured up by the ABS-CBN concept development team or something) and win money and other prizes. The article mentioned that each contestant had a unique story and background, stating that one maid wanted to raise money to pay the rent of the hut her family lives in. Another one wanted to go to college and take up medicine. The article continued by extolling the virtues of the creators of the show and it’s hosts: Kris Aquino was so moved, she offered to pay for a contestant’s college tuition if she passed the UP college entrance exam. Marvin Agustin offered to buy one maid’s family a TV set so her family can watch her progress and support her on TV.

I’m not saying there is absolutely no sincerity behind the motives of the hosts, writers, and creators of the show, but my thoughts go like this:

If you are really REALLY sincere about helping people (I.e. sending them to college etc) just go on and do it.

Just give it to them. You don’t have to make a high-rating TV show and make a few more millions out of it. I’m pretty sure for the amount of money that goes into launching a new show, promoting it, paying the hosts, etc, is more than enough to send a several people to college and pay the housing rent of several families.

This is not really an attack on ABS-CBN. I know and understand being an entrepreneur that business is business. We all must make a living. I just think people should be more honest with what they are doing, and why they’re doing it. If I’m out to help people, I’m out to help people. If I’m out to make money, I’m out to make money. If I’m out to help people AND make money along the way, so be it. But to CLAIM to want to help people while all I really wanted is to make money….Well that’s just not right is it?


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