Monday, December 01, 2003



I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with the philosophical concept of Ockham's Razor where its stated that "plurality should not be assumed without necessity" or simply put, given a choice between different possibilities or theories, the simpler possibility or theory is most likely the correct one.

As we go through life, we come up with our own philosophies. I name mine sometimes. Here is one of mine. Not as profound, or named as cool, but equally as puzzling :)

Ernest's Circle states that at any time, there is a person (person A) who is inexorably attracted to another person (B) who is then inexorably attracted to another person (C), who may then be attracted to person (A) or another person altogether (D) until it comes into a full circle

This simply means that for MOST people, they will most likely be attracted to someone who is not interested in them but rather someone else. So, my question is, how do we break the circle?


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