Tuesday, November 18, 2003


I was really entertained when I got a new toy last week. It's just a LABLER, but it was kinda fun to use. Its one of those small electronic gadgets that has a small keyboard and LCD up front and it prints LABELS, like name tags for books or tags for folders and such. It gave me a sense of peace when I looked at the office shelf and saw the folders, books, binders labeled properly.

I guess its human nature to WANT to label. We labeled ALL the plants and animals on earth for godssake. (The Books Genesis will state that we DID infact name it for GOD's sake ---Theogogians, don't castigate me, just making a pun) But we label averything else. We label people: NERD, JOCK, ATHLETE, CONO, SIRA-ULO, LONER, TECHIE, RELIGIOUS etc

Of course out of a lack of information on a person we call him/her by whatever is his/her most prominent feature, and it makes it easier for people to know who you're talking about.

As such labels are only REFERENCE points. But people tend to stay with the label as the ALL DEFINING characteristic of a person, Ignoring anything else that person may have to offer.

"Your girlfriend is a SLUT"
"He's a LOSER"
"You're a WIERDO"

People can never be contained in labels. People change, grow, and are several things at the same time.
I can honestly say that I am lazy AND hardworking, or that I am a quiet person who sometimes talks too much, that I am focused AND absentminded, I am very cautious AND reckless.

Labels are sometimes necessary. The trick is not to get too caught up in it that we THINK we already know a person. Here's a tip

"Nobody REALLY knows anybody"
-most likely misquoted from the movie RULES OF ATTRACTION


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