Monday, November 17, 2003

I have begun a journey into self realization through yoga in th past few months. I've mostly been doing the excersises, the physical aspect of yoga called Hatha yoga. But as I progress, I start to look for more mental and psychological and perhaps even spiritual excercises to help me become a better person.

The Hatha yoga has really helped me physically. I have no doubt on that. I'm slimmer and leaner than I have ever been. I've also started a vegatarian practice which really complements my yoga and also keeps me slim and cut (without all the saturated fat found in meat)

I realized later on that I needed more than hatha yoga to change my perspective on life. I was still generally irritable, unhappy, and stressed. I started looking into zen and yoga philosophies of detatchment, calmness of mind, and compassion.

And thats where I am right now. At this journey to be tha calmest, most "unfaze-able" and detatched mothaF**** you've ever met.

I'm kidding about the last paragraph. I coud'nt resist putting that in though. That is what yoga is also about anyway. Being aware of your feelings and present to yourself.

I read this quotation from the Yoga International March 2003 Issue about mindful yoga

"...mindful yoga is a yoga of wholeness that has nothing to do with what your body can or can't do at any given moment, or whith how your posture looks. It has everything to do with how awake you are in your life, and how embodied you are in the only moment in which you are ever alive - which is always now"


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