Thursday, May 15, 2003

To ALL my loyal readers


I've had several discussions with a good friend about the Human Animal. I firmly believe that humanity is more than just an intelligent mammal roaming the planet, scavanging for food and propagating the species. There is something in the human race that goes beyond basic instincs.

Don't get me wrong. I do believe in evolution. I strongly believe that the physical world that we live in now is shaped by millions of years of natural selection. Our shape and the shape of all other living things around us is a product of natural slection. The same goes to our habits, our choice of food, our concept of beauty, etc.

The human race IS a product of evolution, but the same time, we are BEYOND evolution. For the first time in history, a species has the ability to manipulate the very forces that bought him to be. Humanity is re-shaping evolution. The terms of evolution have been re-defined.

For millions of years, survival has been granted to the animals who are stronger, tougher, and faster. Today, strength is defined by the size of one's private army. Tougher means being able to widthstand several charges of corruption, an impeachment trial,


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