Monday, November 24, 2003

I had a really great surfing weekend! Actually, any surfing weekend that I come home alive is a good weekend. But, I'll write about that tomorrow. Today is the birthday of a very good friend of mine.

Happy Birthday Erwin!!!

Erwin has been a very good friend since I've known him. He has played a major part in my pre-graduate academic path re-evaluation (Translation: He helped me pick a new Ateneo College after the infamous Exodus) I was planning to go to Davao, but I ran into him and Vito and they convinced me to go to Naga instead. And, surprisingly, much of my life began in Naga.

Erwin's a bit of a war freak. But he's very kind and supportive to us, his friends and family. He believes he invented the word "JOLOG". Whether of not that is true, He certainly is imbued with the true spirit of JOLOG-ness. (Hehehe, that's a complement).

He's a very hard worker, going for 48 or more hour workdays. He loves his DVD's (He can open up a stall in greenhills with his collection) He also has a vary interesting mixed lineage (Muslim, Arabic, Hindu, Jamaican and Filipino)

So Erwin, Happy Birthday again. And I'm really grateful for the friendship we've shared for the past 4 or so years, I hope to see you in Xaymaca soon, with a table full of food and drinks, preferably this week. (Hint hint hehehehe).

Ingat DUDE.


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