Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Yesterday after coming from work, I was so looking forward to yoga class which I missed for more than a week. But then my father texted me that we had dinner plans with some of my aunts. This meant that I probably won't make it to my yoga class... again. I got really irritated by the interruption. I really don't mind these family dinners that much. What bugs me is when they suddenly pop up and I'm expected to drop everything and attend them. The whole incident got me really cranky, but I managed my best smile during dinner, ate a bit, then left dinner early to attend yoga.

After class, I felt rather guilty that I was so hostile towards our family dinner even if I didn't show it. When I got back home, my 2 aunts were still there watching tv. So I decided to make up for my quick getaway by chatting with them for a while.

We had a few stories to share and I enjoyed spending a few minutes with them. The best thing was, that we got to talk about my mom. I found out a bit more about what my mom went through during her last few months, I got to reminice our last few weeks together, in Paris, Rome, and up to the last days of at the hospital.

I was really glad I got to talk to them. It got me thinking of my mom again. It got me remembering how much she loved us (her family) and how bitin our time together was.

I miss my mom, but I'm glad I got to spend so many years with her. I'm glad she was there to watch me grow up. I'm glad I got to spend time with my mom before she passed away. And I'm glad for people like my aunties who help me remember


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