Saturday, December 13, 2003

While surfing the net, I found this:

It's Magic the Gathering: Battlegrounds for the PC and Xbox. I went nuts. I wanted to go get the game right away. Unfortunately, I know myself well enough to guess what will happen when I do get that game. That's all I'll ever do. To those who know me well, remember Diablo, Diablo II, The Sims, and Ice Wind Dale 2? I would literally lock myself up somewhere (typing room of Rizal Libray comes to mind) and just play the damned games.  But of all the games, Magic the Gathering was the most addictive of the lot. and now, this PC version.  I'm dead...

For someone who constantly preaches detachment and letting go, I make a very bad role model, especially when it comes to my current obsessions. I will get the game eventually. No use kidding myself. If I do, you'll all know. This will be the last entry you will see. Hehehehe.

To those who know the game, yes, that is Ishan's Shade on the cover. You get to play him if you chose the black color. If you're blue, you play Arcanis etc...


They also have a really nice flash site.


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