Thursday, December 04, 2003



I spent the day at Greenhills today, buying supplies for the office. I needed some printer ink and label tape for my labeler (see LABELS entry). While I was there I decided to pick up a few DVD's.

I'm a very big horror fan. As far as I can remember I've loved scary movies. I used to love Twilight Zone and Tales from the Dark Sideas a kid. I don't do to well with the gore fests though. I faint at the sight of blood. So scratch out the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th series. I take extra special precautions to avoid the Hellraiser movies. But I really enjoy the bloodless scary ones.

Needless to say, I found The Ring (Japanese ver) to be the best one I've seen to date. I watched it with Jet and Mike when it was still considered and art film and was only shown in Greenbelt. I couldn't walk in the dark for weeks after watching the movie! I'd look around every time I was in the shower, expecting to see a long haired corpse standing in the corner. Grabe! I loved it!!!!

I'm not so sure why people love being scared. Some say it makes them feel alive, with the heart pumping, blood rushing and all. I think its because its comforting. Everyone has known fear in their lives. We've seen, experienced, or imagined things which we are afraid to face. I think that when we do something scary, like get on a rollercoaster or watch a scary movie, we are scared, but we know that we will most certainly make it through. The ride will end. The movie will end. And we will be perfectly alright. That's why it's comforting. We are allowed to do something which scares us, and we are assured that we will be alright. Because we know that with everything else in our lives, we don't have that kind of assurance. We don't always know that we'll come out alright.

Yun lang. Those are my thoughts for the day. Bitin and incomplete. Like me. hehehhe.

Going back to my story, the DVD's I bought were...Identity, Wicked City (Anime), and The Simpsons Horror Special I'm especially looking forward to watching the Simpson's DVD. :)


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