Thursday, January 08, 2004

New Year

Christmas season is over. The new year is well on its way. And for the rest of us its back to the daily grind.

I really enjoyed this last Christmas break. I had so many projects offered, but I turned them all down. I know how it feels to work through Christmas. Ever since I started post production work, I've had to work though Holy Week, Christmas and New Year. It's no Like I'm editing or working on the 25th specifically, but I couldn't enjoy the break because I was working the day before and will work the day after. I couldn't shift gears and just enjoy myself.

I got around to making that decision while shopping for supplies early December. I saw all the Christmas decorations, bazaars, etc. I realized that I didn't look forward to Christmas the way I used to back in college and high school. Back then, the silly little "___ days till Christmas" count downs got me excited. Now, its just a day without work. I felt that something was rather sad about my state of being.

So I told myself, I WILL enjoy this season. This meant not accepting projects that will have me working close to or through the break. It's a sacrifice on my part because for me, no work means no pay. And it's not like I'm rolling in enough cash to chose not to work. But, just as we have to make a living, we have to LIVE.

I met up with people I haven't seen in over a year, I played my games, I bummed at home, I spent time with my family, I went out....etc....etc....(I even ignored this blog almost completely)

I had a great vacation. And now its time to go back to work. Back to editing. Back to staying up late. Back to the daily and nightly grind.

Hope all of you out there enjoyed these last 3 or so weeks. And I'd especially like to thank the people who made my Christmas break enjoyable. Thanks for the company, thanks for the chance to catch up again.

May this year be good to us all!

Happy New Year!


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