Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Michelle Bayle

Michelle Bayle was in my office 2 days ago. She had to re-dub her voice for a project we were working on. No one else was available to handle the machines for dubbing so I took over.

It was clear that she was having a bad day. She was talking to her 2 aids about something that happened earlier that day that really bothered her. She wasn't raising her voice or anything. In fact, her tone was still rather cheerful and animated. She's one of those people who would have a really bad day but still manage to squeeze in a few laughs.

We tried dubbing, but her agitation, which hardly showed up on her face, came out so clearly on the audio recording. After a few more attempts, she stopped, excused herself, stepped out of the office, then started screaming, jumping running in the corridors. A few minutes later, she came back, more calm calm composed. I asked if she was ready, she said yes, then we started recording. All the recordings that followed were almost perfect. We concluded the recording session a few minutes later.

She was really nice during her whole visit. She kept apologizing for her mood that day and thanking me for my patience (we had to re-take several times at the start). She would crack a joke every now and then, bewail her lack of romance, etc. She even asked me what I wanted for Chrismas.

Then there is also the stupid ME, who didn't even have a picture taken with her. Idiot.

Anyway, I had fun that day. It was also a bit sad because it got me thinking of the price she has to pay for her stardom. How much more stress is she hiding inside? Stress that doesn't go away with a few screams and cartwheels. It got me thinking how she keeps a light and lively disposition almost all the time: a disposition that is natural and at the same time constantly expected of her.

Still, I have a lot of admiration for her and i wish her luck on her personal path. I don't think many people will chose that path if they really knew the price. I think she does. And I think she'll pay it with a smile....